VMworld ’16 TFDx: Ops view of Docker


I was fortunate to participate at VMworld’s 2016 Tech Field Day (extra (TFDx)). One of the presenters was Mike Coleman from Docker.

This presentation was, in my opinion, properly steered towards the correct crowd to get docker in the operations side of the house. Docker has been around for a while now, but the adoption seems to be solely focused on the developer side, which is fine, but the operations side needs to buy into it, if Docker wants to bleed into Enterprise and SMB environments.

Once you deploy an app, the developers build task is completed and now becomes an operational task, aside from updates and such.

This is a great presentation for those that keep hearing about Docker, but have not had the time to read up on it. Starting from a 101 of what Docker is, how it is deployed, and tools to manage.

Few highlights:

  • Containers are not VMs
  • Containers share Kernel
  • VMs are houses (own plumbing, own electric, etc)
  • Containers are Apartments (shared resources like plumbing)
  • Docker engine runs on top of OS
  • It can be run on Physical or Virtual






Again, whether you are a Docker newbie or just curious, you should definitely check out this presentation about Docker.

You can find the Docker videos at the Tech Field Day Website


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