VMworld 2016: What to expect


So this year’s VMworld is NOT in San Francisco. For some is a relief, for others a bummer that is in Vegas. If you haven’t been in Vegas you may be excited, but if you have been there, you know it is a 3 day trip max. At least it is for me.

The city that never sleeps it’s not New York, is Vegas, really! Not only is the city alive at night, but VMworld 2016 is jammed packed with activities [parties] at night and sessions and networking during the day.

You may have noticed that sessions are heavy on SDDC. Why? Because it is awesome, just like VSAN. More and more businesses have to do more with less, and SDDC helps them achieve that. Definitely check out the VVOLs sessions. Navigating Mandalay Bay is pretty easy, especially if you are staying there. But even if you are not, nearby hotels are connected to each other so you don’t have to go outside to a 100 degree scorching heat.

One of the activities I am very excited about is Tech Field Day. This is the first year I’ll be participating as a delegate, so I am really looking forward to it. There will be a good group of storage vendors presenting, so make sure to join the live stream.


Monday Tuesday


You will have access to a lot of VMware resources, as well as other techies like us; so make sure to network and talk to the experts.

See you next week…