NetApp TMP Volumes

As transitions from 7-mode to clustered mode continue to emerge, I have been dealing with TMP volumes lately due to unfinished migrations for many reasons.. mostly user error. This is not a new “thing” but rather a not well understood procedure.

7MTT is a tool that allows migration from 7-mode to clustered-mode by not only creating snapmirrors between the clusters, but also copying other important metadata such as shares, ACLs, exports, and much more.

During the data migrations, projects are created in 7MTT which includes volumes, those volumes can later be removed from the project prior to cutover, which results in TMP volumes at the destination node. I’ve seen individuals remove volumes from 7MTT projects, snapshot related to the snapmirror relationship, or simply chose to attempt to complete the migration manually… Not sure why!

The thing is… those volumes are pretty much useless outside of 7MTT. Even if you break the mirrors manually, those volumes will not be RW. Also, if you try to do anything from System Manager, you will get an error.


Regardless of your case, if you wish to turn those volumes into a normal type (RW), you will need to disable transition protection on that volume. This needs diagnostic privileges, so run at your own risk… ’cause I won’t be responsible if you mess up.

Cluster::> set diag

Cluster::*> volume transition-protect -vserver vserverA -volume volA -is-enabled off

Cluster::*>vol show

Cluster::*>set admin

As of ONTAP 8.3.x these commands work, but use the ? in case they change in the future.

Again. This is not a new “thing” just being asked by a lot of people lately, so I thought this may help.

Run at your own risk.