VMworld 2014 – Day 1

Day 1

Today marks the official start of VMworld 2014. People are still rolling in to register and collects their VMworld swag. People I talked to are anxiously waiting to hear the announcements today, most of them revolve around the Web UI.

The major announcements revolved around the following topics:

  • SDDC – Software Defined Data Center
    • Virtualize everything
    • NSX
    • VSAN
    • Automationv
    • Sphere 6 Beta
    • VVOLs
    • VSAN 2.0 Beta
    • vCloud 5.8
    • OpenStack + VMware
    • Containers (Docker, Pivotal, etc)
    • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
      • Simpler deployment
      • EVO
        • EVO:RACK (Cloud Scale)
        • EVO:RAIL
  • End User Computing
    • Workspace Suite
    • AirWatch
    • Content Locker
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • vCloud Air (re-branded VCHS)
      • DevOps Services
      • Database as a service
      • Object Storage (EMC Vipr)
      • Mobility Services
      • Cloud Management (vRealize Air Automation)
      • vCloud Air on dmand

Other topics that are worth mentioning is the giveback foundation where VMworld is giving up to $250,000 to a charity of the choice of the attendees. Now that is pretty cool.

VMUG is a must, so if you do not belong to a VMUG group, find one near your area and join in. It is worth not only for the networking opportunities but also to help you keep up with all the products.

SDDC was arguably the main point at the keynote. Pat reinforced the need of micro-segmentation through NSX, along with the need to virtualize “everything” in order to meet business goals.

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