VMworld 2014 – Day 2

Day 2

It is a little funny to see people moving a bit slower today, I should say a lot slower. That just shows you how busy this conference is. Lots of great stuff.

Day 2 started with a recap of day one during the keynote about EVO, vCloud Air (VCHS), vRealize, NSX, etc, and of course the liquid business models that Pat talked about yesterday.

End user computing was reviewed a bit, in particular the new underlying architecture. Also the acquisition of CloudVolumes was re-visited to highlight the delivery of applications. Along with EUC and mobility, it made sense for VMware to acquire AirWatch, which in my opinion it was a very smart move and a much needed piece to the mobility puzzle.

There were some really great demos about CloudVolumes, and especially EVO:RAIL. EVO:Rail has 4 independent nodes in each physical box, migrated VMs in/out automatically while upgrading a node. It not only has built-in redundancy but it utilizes VSAN technology and comes with Log Insight already installed. This is a really cool solution, and the UI is very intuitive and fast. Yes, a Web UI from VMware that is actually fast.

vSphere 6.0 beta enhancements were introduced such as FT for VMs with up to 4 vCPUs. Cross datacenter vMotion is another one of the new features of 6.0. These are some really great enhancements, along with the noticeable faster and overall better Web Client.