New Beginnings

new-beginningThroughout the career of an IT professional, there are many changes that come up during his/her career. People follow a certain path to move up the ladder, and others create their own path as they grow. Today marks a new beginning for me, as I leave the customer realm and join the partner side of IT.

Various opportunities were presented to me lately without really looking too hard, and I am glad they did. While I was content with my job, the issue was just that; I was content. I am the kind of person that loves to learn and be challenged in order to grow personally and professionally, and I hate to just coast.

As of now, I will be joining a great company, H.A. Storage, as a Senior Solutions Architect. I started my career as a consultant for a huge enterprise and worked my way down to smaller companies, which people would consider it backwards, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. The experience I acquired throughout my career has allowed me to acquire over 20 IT certifications and a Masters degree, on top of a great deal of hands on experience in many areas.

I believe my education and experience has prepared me for this new role. I am ready and excited to help other companies with their projects and need of solutions within their environments.

I received many offers lately, but one company was an obvious choice, and that was H.A. Storage. I am proud to join a team of high level technical engineers, architects, and technologist that make IT happen. People are amazing, and I already feel part of the family. I am really looking forward to what the future holds at H.A. Storage.

Definitely check out H.A. Storage