My Move to VMware: The Road Ahead

vmwareI am happy to announce that I’m joining VMware as a Storage Solutions Architect. Although I am a little sad to leave my prior employer (High Availability Inc.), I am very excited for what the future holds.


I will be focusing on… yes, you guessed it, Virtual SAN. For those that know me, you know that this is “my thing”. I am one that makes educated decisions and calculated risks, and joining the VSAN team during these exciting times is a move I’m more than happy to make.

As a partner, I’ve seen the growing interest on VSAN as well as its adoption on businesses of all sizes. Having been part of large VSAN implementations in the past, I am looking forward to focusing on this technology, and expanding my knowledge base on all things VMware.

I would like to thank Steve at High Availability Inc. for being a super cool boss, and I wish them the best on their fast growth as a top notch VAR.

I’m looking forward to working with old acquaintances such as John Nicholson and Pete Flecha (Virtually Speaking Podcast guys), as well as the rest of the VSAN team.