Cisco Live 2015: Day 0


It is conference season, and Cisco’s 2015 conference is in San Diego, CA. The weather here is awesome, so far. Woke up at 4am EDT, so it has been a long day already, but I’m excited about this year’s conference.

The convention center has a nice flow to it in my opinion, and the Cisco store has a lot of cool stuff, including tons of books. Already got one book, and going back tomorrow for more. A lot of tracks are included as Cisco keeps expanding their portfolio. As a datacenter, virtualization and storage guy, I’ll be attending a lot of UCS, ACI, and security sessions.

Already met old acquaintances, and met new people. Definitely a great place to network.

Navigating through the conference its pretty easy. Shuttles are constantly going back and forth to/from the hotels, and there are many restaurants within walking distance from the convention center. Make you sure you download the Cisco Live App, not only will you be able to see your agenda but also see maps of the convention center and get directions (similar to Google maps) to your sessions.  Tons of WAPs across the conference center, so for once you may be able to get your email while at a conference full of geeks.

More on info on Cisco live will be added throughout the conference. Stay tuned.

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