VCSA 6.0 OVA install

In my last post I talked about some of the gaps with VCSA compared to the Windows vCenter version. I mentioned that the OVA was no longer available for download; however, it was quickly pointed out to me by William Lam from VMware that the OVA is in fact still available within the download; however, there is a disclaimer stating that such method is not officially supported by VMware.

Anyway, the OVA is buried within the ISO. Once you have mounted the ISO, you can navigate to the vcsa folder and the file named vmware-vcsa (with no extension) is the actual OVA (ISO->vcsa->vmware-vcsa). You may need to rename the ova to vmware-vcsa.ova or <other>.ova.

vcsa_ovaFile OVA_VCSA




From that point on, the deployment is the same as before.

William works for VMware and is a super sharp guy; although he may not remember me, I had the pleasure of meeting him during the vSphere 6 onsite Alpha over a year ago. Make sure to check out his blog full of tips and tricks. His blog site is virtuallyGhetto .

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